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10 essential tenets that will get you laid

1. I embody masculinity and power.

Regardless of what society tells you, you are a man. Embrace this fact in every fiber of your being. You are a strong and powerful man who takes what he desires.

2. It is on her to impress me, not the other way around.

When you adopt the mindset of being the prize, it will naturally reflect in your body language. Understand that she should consider herself fortunate to have the opportunity to be with you. It’s her chance to prove herself to you, and if she’s fortunate enough, you may choose her.

3. All women want me.

Every woman is attracted to you; it’s simply the way it is. If she rejects you, it’s either because she’s a lesbian or already in love with someone else. If that weren’t the case, she would be into you. Some guys who excel with women hold beliefs that may not align with reality, but it works in their favor. While I could argue that all women are attracted to me, at least to some extent.

4. I was destined to have whatever I desire in this world; it’s my playground.

Exude overconfidence in private and confidence in public. While it may not be socially acceptable to be excessively self-assured, being so when you’re alone enhances your body language, making it highly attractive. Always acknowledge your accomplishments in life. Forget your failures, as they are merely lessons for future success.

5. I control time, I am the master.

You have mastery over time; you are its controller. There’s no need to rush or be in a hurry because this world belongs to you. It will bestow upon you a James Bond-like aura and numerous other advantages.

6. Life owes me nothing; I will take what I want.

Entitlement is what often makes men lazy when it comes to pursuing women. Handsome men may sometimes struggle to find sexual success because they believe they’re entitled to it without making any effort. But it doesn’t work that way. You must put in the work, whether it’s self-improvement or approaching women, regardless of who you are. Then fearlessly seize what you desire.

7. The art of being cocky and funny.

I may be excessively confident, but I channel it in a humorous manner. This mindset is a skill that I frequently employ. It’s quite effective because I can make cocky statements like “I’m incredibly handsome,” but present it in a funny way. Before you know it, she’s thinking, “He’s actually quite handsome.”

8. I don’t take life too seriously.

Recognize that life is meant to be enjoyed, not a constant source of stress and worry. Have fun and work hard, and things will align in your favor. There’s no need to fret even when faced with adversity, as problems tend to resolve themselves. Just think about it, have you ever heard a woman say she wants a man with no sense of humor? Probably not, throughout history.

9. I can attract any woman in the world.

This statement is actually true—you can attract any woman in the world if you employ the right approach. The challenge lies in knowing exactly how to approach each woman. Understanding how to approach different women comes through study and practice. But until then, approach every interaction with confidence, knowing that you can win her over, no matter how attractive she is.

10. Amused mastery.

What the fuck is Amused mastery? It’s about being the master of any situation without being rattled. Add a touch of amusement to the mix. When you combine these qualities, you’ll know precisely how to act when you’re unsure. Respond in this manner, and more often than not, it will be a great response.

Start incorporating these beliefs into your mindset.

Internalizing these beliefs will only enhance your body language and boost your inner confidence. Take a moment to read these affirmations daily for a month, and you’ll notice a shift in your worldview and corresponding body language.

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