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A "normal" night in bangkok. (story)

Thai nightlife story

Khao San Road, the unrivaled epicenter of backpacker culture, not just in Bangkok but arguably across Asia and the globe. This vibrant strip, teeming with life every day of the week, has its critics, often dismissing it as a haven for rowdy backpackers sporting man knots and Singha beer singlets.

Sure, there's that element, but what many miss is the magnetic pull it has on those seeking the thrill of foreigner encounters, especially Thai girls on the lookout for farangs. It's a melting pot of revelry, where clueless backpackers attempt to woo ugly Austrian girls with their sunburned charm.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the crowd, but I've figured out how to drown out the noise – either by tuning it out or embracing the chaos with a drink-induced haze.

A Night on the Edge

Every visit to Bangkok beckons at least a couple of nights on Khao San Road, and more often than not, they turn into unforgettable escapades. I can count on one hand the times I've left that street alone, having pulled over 20 Thai girls and the occasional non-backpacker tourist.

This particular Bangkok classic unfolded on a relatively calm evening. I kicked off the night with my buddy Mike and his crew at a quaint Thai restaurant in On Nut, relishing delicious local cuisine and ice-cold beers. As the evening progressed, the collective urge for a wild adventure took hold, and the decision was made – it was time for another Khao San night.

We hopped into a taxi, arriving early enough to settle into one of the impromptu bars at the street's entrance. The familiar faces were there – the bracelet vendor, the scorpion-on-a-stick seller – but a new sensation had emerged: the laughing gas ladies.

Balloon-fueled Revelry
Thai party

While laughing gas balloons were around three years ago, their prevalence had skyrocketed. With a round of balloons accompanying

our drinks, the party atmosphere soared. It was a fleeting euphoria, akin to a mini-hit of MDMA lasting a mere 5-10 seconds. Dangerous

for the brain, perhaps, but undeniably fun.

Our dedicated balloon lady joined us as the DJ pumped out infectious EDM tunes. Aligning the highs from the balloons with the beats became a game, intensifying the addictive fun.

The Quest for Thai girls

Amid the revelry, the quest for Thai Girls beckoned. With a solid buzz and the crowd thickening, we bid farewell to our balloon lady and the DJ, heading to my preferred haunt on Khao San – RADAR bar, next to "The Club." Known for its social ambiance, this bar served up "buckets" – cocktails in small buckets filled with ice. I urged the waiter to make them extra potent, and they didn't disappoint.

The dynamic atmosphere facilitated easy socializing, drifting between tables and mingling with Thai friends. Though it was even better in the days of shisha, now banned, RADAR bar remained a favorite.

Lost in the Night

The buckets worked their magic, and suddenly, I found myself alone in the crowd. Undeterred, I danced and connected with a random Thai girl, joining her and a friend on a journey to a hidden back-alley club. Navigating the labyrinthine side streets, we stumbled upon a dark, loud establishment with pool tables – a mix between a bar and a club.

In the dimly lit space, I lost track of the girls and ended up on the second floor with another Thai girl. Mumbling drunken Thai pickup lines, we shared a moment, details fading into the night. As her mixed group of friends departed, I was left to navigate the maze alone.

The Wrong Move

Descending to the lower level, I reunited with the two girls from earlier, albeit with blurred vision. In a hazy misstep, I accidentally started dancing with the wrong one, potentially jeopardizing the encounter. The night was getting hazier, and the realization hit – maybe it was time to call it a night.

The Unexpected Encounter

As I stumbled in search of the exit, I collided with yet another Thai girl, even cuter than the previous ones. A spontaneous dance, a shared understanding – she was down for it. With no resistance, she grabbed her purse, bid her friends farewell, took my hand, and we made our way out.

Encountering her was a relief, especially because she knew the way back to the main street. A taxi ride later, we arrived at my hotel. The conversation during the 20-minute drive was a blur, but her eagerness was evident. We reached my place, indulged in the moment, and promptly passed out, concluding another wild night on Khao San Road.


Khao san road has become worse by the year and it is not even close to what it used to be. It is still fun but i would suggest looking for some other streets aswell when in bangkok.

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