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Top 15 Best countries to get laid (2024)

easiest countries to get laid map
Easiest countries to get laid map

In this article we will look at the 15 best countries to get laid. I’ve been traveling almost full time for many years. This map is based on years of experience, research and opinions of other travelers.

The best countries to get laid

1. Philippines

The world’s easiest country to get laid in is The Philippines, in South East Asia. I’ve been to every place where women are said to be easy to find, and nothing compares. Not the Dominican Republic (where the girls will approach you), not Colombia (where its hard to spend a night alone), and not Thailand (with the most sexual girls in the world).

The Philippines values Westerners highly, with less competition due to a high percentage of gay men. There is no other place on the planet where you will be surrounded by so many attractive women. This is the only place I’ve ever heard of where guys sleep with three new girls every day.

The Philippines has by far the highest value for a Westerner. That value can be used to get whatever you want from these girls. These women were willing to give me extra special perks just so that they could hang onto me. This is the type of thing that won’t happen so easily in other countries.

2. Thailand 

Thailand ranks among the world’s most sexually liberated countries, partly due to its Buddhist culture unaffected by Christian influences. Here, there is no negative stigma attached to sex. Just set your tinder location here and you will see.

The awesome parties, the weather and the easiness makes Thailand the second best country to get laid in.

3. Brazil 

Brazilian girls exude sensuality and are known for their exceptional bodies. Brazil’s vibrant sexual culture contributes to the perception that it may have the most sexually liberated girls. This makes it one of the easiest countries to get laid as a westerner.

4. Russia

In 2024 Russia gets the #4 rank of the easiest countries to get laid. Russian women may not be quick to engage sexually, but a typical Western man stands a good chance of being intimate with a girl who could grace the cover of a magazine. Due to the circumstances in Russia right now there are less tourists and this makes your value higher. Belarus has also shown good results recently.

5. Poland

Polish women strike a balance between sweetness, femininity, and tradition, while also being among the easiest in Europe to sleep with. Western influences have brought about a previously unseen liberated side to them.

Poland is our recommendation as the best country to get laid in Europe as of right now.

6. Colombia 

Colombian girls are often considered the pinnacle of both attractiveness and easiness. They have striking facial beauty, curves, dance skills, and easy personalities. What makes Colombia great is that you will never be bored there as there is always something going on. The downside here is that there are some safety issues and the women here will use you.

7. Indonesia  

In Indonesia, being a foreigner makes you very valuable, akin to rock star treatment. This exotic appeal contributes to the ease of sleeping with Indonesian girls. The downside here is that they tend to be more conservative due to it being a muslim country. Don't be discourages as it is still possible to get laid here.

8. Dominican Republic 

The Dominican Republic is home to curvy, sexually open women. As a foreigner, you hold high value, especially when combined with the women’s own sexual nature. Santo Domingo is renowned as one of the best cities for casual sex.

9. Ukraine

Due to the situation in 2024 many women are willing to move out. Ukraine was already one of the easiest countries in Europe before the current circumstances. This has only made it easier and cheaper, there is some risk involved though but the capital seems to be safe as of right now. Ukrainian girls are know as some of the most beautiful in the world.

10. Nordics 

If you can afford it, this is a good place to be. Your value might not be higher in Nordic countries but. Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden boast a reputation for having Europe’s most sexually liberated girls. These feminist nations encourage women to explore their sexuality. While it may be more challenging to connect with the top tier, sleeping with numerous blonde Scandinavian girls in a short span is very easy.

11. Venezuela

Venezuela makes it on the list due to most people wanting to leave the country. This makes them incredibly easy. The reason that we have ranked it so low on the list is that there is not much else to do in Venezuela. I would not recommend going there for any other reason.

12. Romania

This is one of the easiest countries in Europe to get laid. It is also extremely fun and the nightlife is great. Romanians are very confident and this is the only country in Europe where girls will approach you regularly. I would recommend going to cities like Cluj. Just watch out for pick pockets.

13. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan can be a true hidden gem. Kazakh women look like a blend of Asian and white. This is an easy place to score dates with model looking women. The downside is that there is not much to do here and the nightlife is subpar.

14. China

China is a controversial one due to the strict laws, visas and lack of privacy. If these are not a problem for you then china is a really easy country to get laid in. It is also a weird cultural experience due to how different the dating scene is in china.

15. Vietnam

Vietnam is a great choice if you are on a budget and looking for more traditional women. This country is a little harder to get laid in but Vietnam makes up for it with the cheapest living and amazing nightlife. The country is very fun overall so it is highly recommended.

How to find the easiest place for you

The easiness of the country heavily depends on the city you are in. Try to avoid the most touristic cities for best results, the best ones are usually the second largest non capital city in the country. The best way to do your own research would be to try online dating in different countries before you go there. This way you get to know what the dating market looks like and how well you would do.

Other useful articles and sources:

This map has been updated in 2024. And i will keep updating it whenever our opinions change or we get new data. Please feel free to share what country you think is the easiest place to get laid.

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