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Best countries to meet Asian girls


I wasn't always into Asian girls before i stepped into South-East Asia (SEA). The girls there have captured the attention of many. Despite the stereotype that "all Asians look the same," the reality is far more nuanced. This article delves into the distinct qualities of Asian girls from various countries, exploring differences in looks, sexual performance, personalities, cultural quirks, and providing tips on how to approach each.

Asian Girls Overview Map:

asian girls map

The journey begins by categorizing Asian girls from twelve different countries, each with its unique characteristics:

I also suggest researching the easiest countries to get laid. Let's embark on this "cultural exploration":

Vietnamese Girls (Rating: 4.7)

Looks: Vietnamese girls, akin to Thai girls but with a lighter complexion, are enchanting. Top-tier Vietnamese girls are truly amazing, despite being less abundant.

Personality: Vietnamese girls exhibit sweetness and care, a stark contrast to the general demeanor of the Vietnamese people, often perceived as stubborn and resolute.

Easiness: Getting intimate with non-professional Vietnamese girls is a bit challenging compared to Thailand, but the reward is worth it. Vietnamese professionals present the hardest challenge without financial motives.

Sexual Skills: Non-professional Vietnamese girls strike a perfect balance between being a good girl and a passionate lover, showcasing their dedication to physical well-being.

Cultural Stuff: Vietnamese cuisine, known for its noodle soup Phở, lacks protein. Vietnamese iced coffee is a must-try.

How to Game Them: Day game is recommended, approaching girls in coffee shops. Learning basic Vietnamese phrases helps, as not all may speak fluent English. Night game involves dealing with a fair share of prostitutes, making online game a viable alternative.

Thai Girls (Rating: 4.5)

Looks: Thailand boasts a diverse array of looks, from darker-skinned provincial girls to lighter-skinned city girls. The tropical climate allows for varied fashion choices.

Personality: Thai girls cover the spectrum, from pure angels to those less trustworthy. Their focus revolves around Thailand, Thai people, and Thai food, making them more intrinsically interested in the world.

Easiness: Thailand is liberal about sex, with same-night lays being common. However, a distinct class gap makes it challenging to get upper-class Thai girls.

Sexual Skills: Thai girls showcase wildness in bed, being willing to please and possessing a high drive.

Cultural Quirks: Thai food, an integral part of their culture, is diverse and delicious. Thai girls indulge in random street foods like bugs and scorpions.

How to Game Them: Night game, especially with some shoring skills, is recommended. Online game and day game in shopping malls are also viable options.

Read more on Thai girls here.

Cambodian Girls (Rating: 3.8)

Looks: Cambodian girls, slightly darker than Thai counterparts, exude a unique charm.

Personality: Cambodian women are sweet and feminine, with occasional bouts of intensity.

Easiness: Shoring, especially in night game, is prevalent in Cambodia. Online game yields positive results.

Sexual Skills: Cambodian girls, while presenting some challenges in shoring, are passionate and enjoy intimate encounters.

Cultural: Cambodia, recovering from a dark history, bears the scars of the Pol Pot regime. Visiting the killing fields provides a chilling experience.

How to Game Them: Night game requires good shoring skills. Exploring online game is recommended. I will drop a guide on shoring later.

Indonesian Girls (Rating: 4.5)

Looks: Indonesian girls surprise with their curviness. Light-skinned exceptions exist, making Indonesia an easy entry into upper-tier society.

Personality: Sweet and feminine, Indonesian girls, predominantly Muslim, exhibit free-spiritedness once cultural constraints are lifted.

Easiness: Exotic value is high, with tourists enjoying attention and photo requests. Online game yields positive responses.

Sexual Skills: Indonesian girls stand out for their sensual and passionate nature.

Cultural Quirks: Bahasa Indonesia boasts a simple grammar, making it accessible. Learning basic words is recommended.

How to Game Them: Day game, leveraging exotic value, is effective and online dating.

Malaysian Girls (Rating: 3.5)

Looks: In Kuala Lumpur's international landscape, Malaysians exhibit diversity. Native Malaysians, slightly darker with a devotion to Muslim beliefs.

The Other Info: Limited exposure to Malaysian girls prompts further investigation. They can still be very slutty even though they're Muslim.

How to Game Them: Online dating is recommended. Nightlife in Bukit Bintang or Zouk nightclub provides opportunities for socializing.

Filipina Girls (Rating: 4.8)

Looks: Pinays, or Filipinas, captivate with their cuteness, offering a variety of skin tones.

Personality: Unlike Thai girls, Filipinas show interest in the world and embrace Western culture. They are cheerful, smiley, and fluent in English.

Easiness: Through a combination of online, day, and night game, getting intimate with Filipinas is very easy. (Easiest country in the world)

Sexual Skills: Filipinas are good at sexual pleasure, showcasing impressive performance in the bedroom.

Cultural Quirks: Pinoys use their noses to point, adding a unique touch.

How to Game Them: Day game in second-tier cities and online game in big cities like Manila and Cebu are recommended.

Japanese Girls (Rating: 4.3)

Looks: Japanese girls boast a diverse range of looks, from kawaii (cute) styles to elegant and sophisticated appearances.

Personality: Japanese girls are known for their politeness, respect, and dedication.

Easiness: Building connections with Japanese girls can be challenging due to the culture, but online dating and shared interests such as hobbies are effective.

Sexual Skills: Japanese girls may appear reserved, but they can surprise with their willingness to explore and please.

Cultural Quirks: Japan's culture is rich in traditions, including tea ceremonies, cherry blossom festivals, and appreciation for nature.

How to Game Them: Patience and respect are crucial. Online daitn, cultural events, and hobbies are recommended.

Korean Girls (Rating: 4)

Looks: Korean girls often embrace beauty standards that include fair skin, big eyes, and a slim figure. K-pop influences fashion trends and beauty ideals.

Personality: Korean girls may initially seem reserved, but they can be warm, loyal, and passionate once comfortable. Group dynamics often influence individual behavior.

Easiness: Getting with Korean girls may require persistence, getting into local social circles is the key.

Sexual Skills: They not very expressive but are usually quite sensual.

Cultural Quirks: Korea's pop culture, including K-dramas and K-pop, has a global influence. Traditional customs like bowing and respect for elders are needed.

How to Game Them:  Online dating, social events, and cultural activities make it easier.

Laos Girls (Rating: 3.8)

Looks: Laos girls are a blend of all Southeast Asian girls.

Personality: Laotian women are known for their warmth, friendliness, and simplicity. They value community and traditional values.

Easiness: Engaging with Laos girls is generally straightforward, online dating is quite easy here. Beware of pros.

Cultural Quirks: Laos has a cultural heritage, with traditional dances, festivals, and Buddhist rituals.

How to Game Them: Just giving out your number on a peace of paper is enough, Tinder is recommend.

Chinese and Taiwanese Girls (Rating: 4.3)

Looks: Chinese and Taiwanese girls are often characterized by their slender frames, pale complexion. Taiwan's girls are typically a bit taller.

Personality: Chinese and Taiwanese girls are usually quite curious, the will not value your privacy or personal space.

Easiness: Connecting with them is generally straightforward, use tinder in taiwan and go out in china.

Sexual Skills: From my experiences they have the weirdest fetishes and are often a bit crazy.

Cultural Quirks: Taiwanese girls are usally more laid back then mainland chinese ones.

How to Game Them: Adapt your approach based on the location, but be relaxed and dont cause a scene.


These countries all have their unique pros and cons. Everyone of them will give you a great adventure. The burst of insights into the diverse world of Asian girls provides a comprehensive guide for those navigating the unique characteristics of each country. Whether seeking easiness, exceptional sexual skills, or cultural experiences, this exploration offers valuable tips for those venturing into the enchanting realm of Asian girls.

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