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Colombian Women

In my recent Colombian escapade, the allure of Colombian women took center stage. From the crazy nightlife to the vibrant personalities, the women are nothing short of mesmerizing. In this guide, we'll explore the ins and outs of Colombian women, offering insights and practical tips.

Colombian women

Understanding Colombian Womens Expectations:

  1. Loyalty, Respect, and Fidelity: Colombian women value loyalty, respect, and fidelity. Patience is essential as they are very emotional and have strong opinions.

  2. Expressive Yet Unpredictable: Colombian women are known for their expressive and emotional nature, but don't expect clichés from the movies. Their affection is conveyed through meaningful gestures like gift-giving and singing. However, be prepared for their occasional stubbornness – they tend to stand firm in their beliefs.

  3. Pride in Appearance: Colombian women take pride in their appearance, boasting slender bodies, radiant smiles, and impeccable fashion sense. Dressing appropriately and paying attention to personal hygiene are key aspects when aiming to impress them.

  4. Give Genuine Attention: Colombian women appreciate men who show genuine interest. Meaningful compliments convey importance and respect, fostering a deeper connection.

  5. Regional Variances: Colombian women's personalities can vary based on their region. While those in lower socioeconomic areas may lean towards tradition, upper-class women often exhibit more independence. Understanding these differences is crucial in building connections.

  6. Family Dynamics: Colombian women's relationships with their families can influence their personalities. While some may maintain traditional ties, others might be more independent, often returning to their hometowns to visit relatives. Understanding these dynamics aids in navigating potential family-related issues.

Characteristics of Colombian women

Colombian women are known worldwide for their unparalleled beauty and charisma. From stunning faces to curvaceous figures, Colombian women are delightful. Dating Colombian women is an experience, but it comes with unique challenges. Colombian women are very confident and straight forward. Try to stay stoic when met with teasing.

Here are some "reviews" i found on Colombian women:

Dating Colombian Women

Colombian dating is an adventure best approached with an open mind and curiosity. Let's break down the basics and navigate the Colombian dating scene with ease:

Speak the Language

While English is not a deal-breaker, knowing a bit of Spanish is recommended. It's not just about communication, It's so that they think you are not playing them and leaving the next week. Invest in some basic Spanish skills, and you'll find doors opening to better quality women.

Colombian women will test you

What did you know about Colombia before coming here?

Why are you in Colombia?

Wrong answers: drugs, cocaine, Pablo, women, cartels, crime, it’s cheap

Right answers: nature, salsa, dancing, delicious food, kind and genuine people

Do's and Don't when dealing with colombian women.

Do not, talk or joke about Pablo Escobar, drugs, cocaine, or the cartels.

In general, it's advisable to refrain from criticizing Colombia, even in jest. Exercise caution, especially when touching on more serious topics like politics or culture. People may be sensitive, even to lighthearted comments that are entirely accurate.

Take a laid-back approach, and be your authentic self. Colombians tend to respond well to genuine and sincere individuals, more so than in many Western places I've experienced. If you happen to make a mistake or say something unintentionally insensitive, a heartfelt apology and moving on without becoming defensive is the best course of action.

Investigate a partner's family background, especially in regions with conflicts or illegal activities.

Inviting someone home is a big step, considering theft is common. Meet in public places first.

Given economic challenges, foreigners with money are attractive prospects. Be cautious, and take it slow. DO NOT put too much trust in them.

Where to Meet Colombian Women

  • Online Dating: Don't forget to pipeline – lining up dates before you even land in Colombia. Do this by setting your tinder location to colombia atleast a week before you got there. Try to setup dates for everyday of the first week there.

  • Day Game: Strike up conversations with Colombian girls during your daily activities. A lost tourist seeking assistance can be the perfect icebreaker. Colombian women love helping people and you will know how interested they are by how far they're willing to help you.

  • Night Game: Latinos are known to be partying with groups of people they have known since childhood. While a bit challenging, don't rule out meeting women in bars or clubs. Despite the group dynamics, connections can be made. It's important to be manly and take the lead. This is not some feminist country.

Once you've connected, setting up a date involves a bit of finesse.

  • Setting Up the Date: commit for a specific date and time to minimize delays. Choose a budget-friendly venue within a short walk of your accommodation for added convenience. Colombians are known to be flaky so i recommend double booking and checking in before the date.

  • On the Date: Date as you would anywhere else. Keep it positive, share stories, and sprinkle in some compliments. Moderation is key; don't overdo it. If the vibe is right, consider a plausible excuse to move the rendezvous to your room. E.g tell her you need to charge you phone or show her travel pictures.

  • After the date: Colombian girls are very easy in private, making transitions from dates to more intimate moments smooth.

Is Colombia safe?

While safety is a concern, sticking to well-regarded areas ensures a secure experience. Government efforts have significantly improved safety, offering a VIP treatment for tourists.

Here is a link for more info on the topic:

Drugs in Colombia

Colombia's association with drugs is a reality, many men go there seeking both substances and easy women. Exercise caution, make informed choices, and be aware of the lifestyle some may lead. Colombian women come in myriad shades, some are going to try and use you for money so it is important to approach them with caution.

Where to go in Colombia:

Bogota and Cali and cali deserve to be mentioned but Medellin and/or Cartagena are the best in my opinion. It depends on what you're looking for so make sure to do your own research.

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