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Why you should take the international pill.


For the past 5 years, I've been living a life where I travel around the world and meet new people and girls. Before this, I thought my life was pretty good, but I didn't realize how much better it could be. After thinking about it a lot, I really believe that there's no better way for a single guy to live nowadays than to travel the world and have fun with different people. Those who choose this lifestyle can be seen as the leaders of the world and maybe even the whole universe.

Most of us who read this website are from developed or poorer countries but earn decent money. So when we go to beautiful places around the world to meet people, our money goes really far. For example, six months ago in Bulgaria, I lived like a wealthy person with less than $1000. I stayed in a well-known building, had a big new apartment, a maid, and tutors for Russian, and I ate at the best restaurants in the city without worrying about money. I felt amazing. Our recommended travel destinations let us live comfortably.

When we travel to different countries, people treat us like celebrities. During my recent trip to India, we were always getting approached by people who wanted to talk to us. We stood out, with people stopping to look, take photos, and sometimes even large groups gathering around us to chat. This kind of treatment isn't just in India; I've experienced it in other countries too. It's like how famous people get treated, depending on how well-known they are. But I've realized I don't actually want to be famous because being bothered by strangers all the time isn't fun. I figured this out from my experiences traveling.

Traveling lets us see the world without being influenced by what people are telling us. Nowadays, there's a lot of information from governments, political groups, and rich people trying to make us think a certain way. Big media companies all over the world are owned by rich folks who want to push their own ideas. Since World War II, we've learned how powerful this can be, and it's hard to know the truth unless we see it ourselves. By traveling and experiencing things firsthand, we get a real look at what's going on, which helps us make good choices. Travel also teaches us about different cultures and how they do things, which can help us in business and politics, setting us apart from others.

Back in the day, the most adventurous lives were led by explorers. But now that almost every part of the Earth is known, it's up to us to have new adventures in different countries every month or week. Those old explorers couldn't have even imagined the many possibilities we have today.

Living a life of adventure, romance, and travel helps us grow as people and become better men, which is different from what we see in movies these days. When we travel, we face challenges that make us stronger and tougher. Testing ourselves far away from home is a great way to build up our strength and ability to handle things.

You might be thinking that this exciting life might make us live shorter lives. But that's not true. Personally, I can say that as a traveler who meets people, my life has been full of great experiences. Before I started doing this, my life felt like the same thing over and over again, like the movie "Groundhog Day." Time flew by during my years in school. But when I travel, it feels like I've lived multiple lifetimes, each full of different things. Trying new things in different places with different people has made my life really interesting. I have so many cool memories, even more than a lot of older folks in nursing homes. If I had stayed in the US, I'd probably be looking back, wondering where all the time went and wishing for more excitement. So, people who travel and meet others have longer and more exciting lives than other men.

Now let's compare our way of life to how most other men in the world live. First, we'll look at the average man, and then we'll compare ourselves to the guys who have the best lives.


The average guy is kind of like a modern-day slave. He doesn't have much freedom and is stuck doing the same job at a desk all the time. He's basically working for money, and he can't just drop everything and follow his dreams. But as travelers who meet people, we can go to places like Russia whenever we want, without someone telling us what to do. Money is important, but there are many ways to make enough money to live this way. Plus, people like us can have close relationships with lots of women, even more than the average guy.

Now, let's think about how travelers like us compare to the powerful rulers of the past. You can see how society has gotten better. Compared to the short lives, not-so-great food, limited fun, and no travel that the old kings had, we live long and healthy lives. In some cases, we might even have more romantic adventures than they did. Even though they might have had it easier, the effort we put in makes our experiences better. I don't think their love lives were necessarily better than ours. Also, famous kings had a tough time hiding their relationships outside of marriage.

We know famous rock stars for their money and luck. They might make more money than us, but we can also have just as many romantic experiences if we want. There are places where we can be with three different women in one day. And because we know how to connect with people, we can meet women in all sorts of situations, giving us more chances to meet different partners. Some rock stars might date famous people, but I'm currently dating a woman who's kind of famous in her own country. This shows that there's nothing out of our reach.

Famous athletes, like rock stars, have lots of chances to meet people. But our lifestyle has its own benefits. We're not stuck in one place like they might be if they're traded to a city they don't like. We have the freedom to move around. And we can become kind of famous too.

You know how some actors are really famous, especially in Hollywood. But that comes with its own problems. Even though they make a lot of money, does that really make their lives better? Think about Arnold Schwarzenegger, who's one of the biggest action stars ever. Despite being famous, his love life wasn't always great. Are their romantic lives really better than ours? And it's even harder to keep things private when everyone knows you.

Politicians sometimes have lots of partners, but their love lives aren't always satisfying. Look at former US President Bill Clinton as an example. Even though he was super powerful, his relationships weren't that impressive. I'm pretty sure the experiences we have as travelers and meeting people are way better than theirs.

In the end, the lifestyle of traveling and meeting people isn't just easier to achieve than other high-status jobs, but it could also be seen as a better way to live. Once we figure out how to make money without being tied to one place, we're really free. If you're not living the way we talk about, I really encourage you to start right away. I started my first big trip with a student loan, and it was the best choice I ever made. Don't wait anymore—claim your title as a modern king.


“You take the blue pill… the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the international pill… you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes”


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