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Thai girls

thai girls

Let's set the record straight from the get-go. When you mention Thai girls, many immediately think of bar girls. It's true; Thailand has a reputation for that, but bar girls are just one piece of the puzzle. The world of Thai girls is much broader.

I've never been one to delve into the bar scene. For me, exploring the gogo-bar world is like a cultural expedition, but it's not my scene. is all about connecting with foreign cultures through the art of seduction. And there's no better way to immerse yourself in a culture than by dating local women. Paying for a bar girl doesn't quite achieve that.

So, if you came here looking for that kind of info, please, feel free to continue your search. The focus of this article is to guide you on meeting and dating the regular, "good" Thai girls.

Meeting Good Thai Girls Online

Believe it or not, half of my encounters in Thailand happened through online connections. It's a goldmine, trust me.


Sure, there are some cuties on there, and I've had great experiences with Tinder. But let's be real; you'll need to put in the work. Many matches may lead nowhere. Attention seekers are all over, just soaking up the adoration of foreigners. So, it's a numbers game.


Matching rates for (caucasian) foreigners are pretty high. So, preselect your swipes wisely, or you'll end up with a list of matches you'll never contact. Superlikes work wonders, so consider paying for the Gold service ($10 a month) and use them daily.

Strategy for Meeting Thai Girls Online

Optimize your profile. Add some fantastic pictures and keep your profile text intriguing. It's worth the effort, trust me. Diversify your images, don't just toss in five selfies from your garden. Show off your versatility. How? Let's break it down:

1. Travel picture: You in some exotic location (outside Thailand).

2. Body picture: Flaunt those muscles with a beach snapshot (Thai girls dig it since Thai guys tend to be on the smaller side).

3. Social picture: Display your sociable side by having fun with friends.

4. Sport picture: Show some action.

5. Interesting hobby or skill: If you play an instrument, show it off.

6. Professional: Put up that boss-like picture.

When it comes to your profile description, remember that less is more. Girls don't need your life story right away. Let them piece together the picture of you. Mention that you're living in Thailand, your home country, and perhaps an interesting tidbit about yourself, like your job (e.g., I'm an engineer).

Weird Thai Phrases You Might Hear

English levels among ThaiFriendly girls can vary, but they all tend to sprinkle in some Thai words. Here are a few you might encounter:

1. Narak: Means cute.

2. Na ka: Adds politeness to a phrase.

3. Kit theung: I miss you.

4. Jup jup: Kiss Kiss.

5. 5555: Stands for "Hahaha."

6. Ting tong mak: "Crazy/silly."

How to Day Game Thai Girls?

Playing the "new guy in town" card or asking for directions works well. Thai girls care about appearances, so it's much easier to approach a girl when she's alone or with friends. Shopping malls, BTS stops, or places like MBK, Terminal 21, and Siam can be great spots to meet them. Remember, Thai girls are generally shyer than Western girls, so adapt your approach accordingly.

Sometimes, a girl you approach might be interested but seem overwhelmed. When this happens, give her your contact information, whether it's a phone number or LINE ID (Asia's WhatsApp).

How to date Thai girls?

Once a Thai girl agrees to meet you, you're on the right track. The rest of the date should be smooth sailing. For about 95% of my dates in Thailand, I manage a Same Night Lay (SNL). Here are a few don'ts for the first date:

1. Avoid extravagant spectacles or theme parks.

2. Skip the movies; sitting silently for hours isn't ideal for a first meeting.

3. Don't opt for an expensive restaurant; it could set you in the provider frame.

Simply invite her for a drink at a "cool place you know" near your hotel.

How to talk with Thai Girls?

Thai people love discussing Thai topics. So, ask about travel, Thai food, Thailand, ladyboys, sports, hobbies, and Isaan. Inject your own stories naturally but never come off as bragging. Keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Escalating / Retreating / Closing

In public, Thai girls are less likely to show affection, so save the public displays for later. When building attraction and not appearing as a provider, closing with a Thai girl on the first date is entirely possible (except for virgins).

What do thai girls look like?

Thai girls, on average have a petite or slender build. They are usually short, tanned and dark haired.

Below you can find a link on some example models from thailand:

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