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15 tips for cheaper travel

cheap travel

Most people think traveling is too expensive for the average man. Most of us can't afford to splurge without facing consequences. As someone who has traveled around the world on a monthly budget of around $1300, including travel expenses, I want to share my top 15 budget travel tips with you.

Budget Travel Tip #15 - Stay in one place for at least a month

Consider staying in one location for a month and find a monthly rental option. These rentals are usually priced at around one-third to one-half the cost of a hotel. Search online for "furnished apartments in [city name]" or explore Airbnb for 28days+ options. Even if you find cheap hotels and spend around $750 per month, a monthly rental costing $400 to $500 would be a better financial decision.

Potential savings: $250-350 a month

Budget Travel Tip #14 - Research taxi prices in advance

Before hopping into a taxi, research the normal taxi fares either online or through a reliable source. Taxis tend to be overpriced in most countries, and knowing the usual rates can save you from being ripped off. Using bolt or uber is recommended as taxis in third developing countries can be a bit scammy.

Potential savings: $60 a month

Budget Travel Tip #13 - Familiarize yourself with bus and subway routes

When traveling from airports or bus stations, consider using bus or subway routes instead of taxis. These public transportation options are often much cheaper, especially in popular areas. It's also a great opportunity to meet new people during the day.

Potential savings: $100 a month

Budget Travel Tip #12 - Use common cell phone providers and prepaid sim cards

When traveling to a new country, having a local phone number is essential. Choose a prepaid sim card from one of the popular providers. To get the best deal, ask what most people use, focusing on calls and texts rather than expensive fast internet packages. Look for affordable text or calling packets, which are common in many low-income countries.

Potential savings: $30 a month

Budget Travel Tip #11 - Cancel recurring bills before embarking on a long trip

If you're planning a long journey, try your best to eliminate any recurring bills. Many people wonder how I manage to travel extensively while they struggle to pay their bills despite earning significantly more. The truth is, they often buy unnecessary things that don't bring them happiness. Sell everything that doesn't add immense value to your life, including leases for apartments. This will not only free you mentally but also financially.

Potential savings: $200-2000 a month

Budget Travel Tip #10 - Avoid taxis that seem desperate

A good rule of thumb is to avoid taxis that seem overly eager to find passengers. These drivers often target people who are willing to pay more without questioning the fare. Be smart and choose a taxi that isn't aggressively seeking customers. These drivers are less likely to overcharge you.

Potential savings: $30 a month

Budget Travel Tip #9 - Start negotiating

In many developing countries, vendors often try to charge tourists two or three times more than what locals pay. To tackle this, employ a negotiation strategy: when they quote a high price, react with surprise and amusement. Counter with an offer that is only one-third of their initial asking price. Gradually negotiate until you reach half their original offer. They will feel satisfied with their bargaining skills, and you'll get a much better price.

Don't hesitate to walk away if they don't agree. I've successfully secured deals by just leaving numerous times. "Wait! Okay, this is my final offer!"

While some people may still try to rip you off, this general approach can save you money.

Potential savings: $30 a month

Budget Travel Tip #8 - Choose buses and trains over flights

In most cases, buses and trains are much cheaper than flights, albeit taking a bit longer. However, you'll not only save money but also enjoy the local scenery. For even more savings, opt for local buses and trains rather than tourist or main ones. They may not be as luxurious, but you'll get an authentic local experience.

Potential savings: $200 a month

Budget Travel Tip #7 - Research affordable hotels and ask for cheaper options

When searching for a hotel, specifically ask for affordable options. If speaking to a taxi driver, provide a price range. When browsing online, sort the results by price or star ratings. Choosing a $25 hotel over a $50 one can save you $750 versus $1500 per month. Although the rooms might not be top-notch, you'll have a private space for yourself and potential guests while saving a significant amount of money.

Keep in mind that some budget hotels might be located in less secure neighborhoods. If safety is a concern, make sure to inquire about staying in a safe area.

Potential savings: $750 a month

Budget Travel Tip #6 - Look for cheap rentals by walking around

To find the best deals on affordable furnished rentals, skip the online search and explore university areas. Ask locals and look for signs indicating available apartments. University students often require furnished apartments, making these areas ideal for finding attractive deals.

Even if you manage to find a $400 to $500 monthly rental online, you could potentially pay even less. Landlords who are not tech-savvy tend to offer better deals on quality apartments. In contrast, internet-savvy landlords often take advantage of clueless travelers, overcharging them.

Potential savings: $100-200 a month

Budget Travel Tip #5 - Cook meals instead of eating out

Opt for grocery shopping instead of dining at restaurants. With a kitchen in your monthly rental, cooking your meals can save you a significant amount of money. Eating out at cheap restaurants can average around $8 per meal, while cooking at home can cost as little as $3 per meal.

Calculating daily expenses, that's $9 versus $24 per day. In a month, you can save $270 compared to $750.

Potential savings: $480 a month

Budget Travel Tip #4- Research flights in advance using the right websites

When looking for affordable flights, use websites like skyscanner, Google flights, and skiplagged. Explore different dates, even when you don't have a specific travel plan. You'll notice cheaper prices on certain days. After identifying the airlines offering low fares, search for their official websites to book directly. This approach often results in even cheaper flights.

Potential savings: $200 a month

Budget Travel Tip #3 - Use travel credit or debit cards

Having a travel-focused credit card is crucial for saving money. These cards offer incentives such as cashback on travel purchases, airline miles, and signup bonuses that can earn you up to $400 after spending a specific amount, usually between $1000 and $3000. Additionally, most standard credit cards charge foreign transaction fees of around 4%. To avoid these fees, choose a card with no foreign transaction fees.

Potential savings: $200 a month

Budget Travel Tip #2- Avoid tourist traps

Steer clear of tourist traps! While it's fine to spend a few days in touristy areas, prolonged stays can be costly and limit your cultural immersion. You'll encounter inflated prices for accommodations, food, and services, essentially offering repetitive experiences. Moreover, the common presence of foreigners in these areas can make it more challenging to connect with local girls. By venturing off the beaten path, you'll not only save money but also maintain the adventurous spirit of travel.

Potential savings: $500 to $5000 a month

Budget travel tip #1 - Choose the right destination.

There's a lot of countries that are unbelievably cheap to travel in. Some examples would be Vietnam, Indonesia, Venezuela and many others. You can find a cheap place with good looking girls in every continent if you look hard enough. You can read more in the article:

Budget travel can be the solution

If you're dissatisfied with your current lifestyle, change is essential. By following these tips, you can achieve budget travel with just $1300 per month. This is an attainable goal for most individuals, so if traveling on a budget has been your long-time dream, there's no excuse to delay it any longer.

“Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.” ― Marcus Aurelius

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