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Top 5 cities in 2023 for men

Here's my list of top cities where life's awesome for men. These places are cheap, have good nightlife and lots of stuff to do:


Best city

Colombia came into my travel radar this year and quickly secured the top spot as my favorite country in the world. The abundance of stunning ladies is absolutely remarkable. These Colombiana women possess both good personalities and the and crazy Latina spirit, making them an absolute delight.

Having explored all the major Colombian cities, each with its own unique charm, I wholeheartedly suggest embarking on a journey through Colombia to personally experience the distinctiveness.

Among these cities, Medellin stood out as my preferred choice for an extended stay. The city offers lots of activities, and all the barrios feel different to each other. Some might say that the girls in Medellin are "more challenging". And while other Colombian cities might have easier girls, Medellin undoubtedly has the highest quality.

If you're contemplating a trip, don't hesitate any longer. Just pack your bags and go. You won't be disappointed.



Second on my roster is Warsaw — I have so many good memories from here. My stay here might have been shorter than in other cities, but it was undeniably legendary (stories coming soon).

From the unique nightlife, the hot and easy women —Warsaw just has a different type of energy and vibe to it. It ranks high among my favorite European cities for pure entertainment.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de janeiro

Rio is such an amazing city! I really fell in love with it when I first visited. It's a place that's really different and special.

The girls in Rio are a bit more of a challenge compared to the ones in Colombia. Due to there being so many tourist however one night stands are easy. The girls can be a bit unpredictable, they're used to meeting people from other countries (because lots of tourists come to Rio), and sometimes it's hard to talk because they don't know much English. It's good if you know a bit of basic Portuguese! Also, living in the famous touristy spots like Ipanema or Copacabana is more expensive than places in Colombia.

But Brazilian women are some of the most interesting in the world, and they have amazing bodies. They're famous for certain things, and you'll definitely notice why! I've seen lots of great butts here.

The awesome beaches, huge mountains, different girls, their nice curves, the music, the food, the culture—Rio is a super lively city. It's tough saying goodbye whenever I leave, no matter where I'm going next.


If you can, visit during the summer in Brazil. That's when the weather is perfect and the city is at its best.



Bangkok is like nowhere else in the world, it's super lively. It's where I started after getting out of Europe and where my big trip around the world started, lots of amazing memories! It's really special to me.

This city is alive all day and all night, every single day. Just think of the movie "Hangover 2." The wild parties you see there? Well, they're pretty much a normal thing here. You'll never be bored; there's always something crazy happening.

Thai girls really are some of the easiest and that's why so many sexpats go there . They're laid-back and friendly, which makes getting close to them easy. They're also really attractive and feminine. And don't forget, Thai food is delicious, and getting a massage here is cheap and awesome.

Sex is not stigmatized in Thailand so you can easily bang on the first date almost every time. It's known for prostitution but only retards do that when the normal girls are so easy.

Out of all the cities on my list, Bangkok is the most affordable for living as an expat.

Helpful Hint:

Try to find a place to stay near any of the BTS (sky train) stations. That way, you can easily get around the city. And if you need a taxi, they're not too expensive either.



Cebu is my second-favorite city in Asia, and it's my most-loved city in the Philippines. Even though it's not as crazy as Bangkok, the nightlife here is more relaxed. But there are a few cool things that make Cebu a great place to visit.

Cebu has by far the easiest girls on the list and maybe even in the world, and it's slightly less of a dump then manila. The girls here speak English pretty well.

Pinoys as a people are very different from the rest of the world but being different can actually be a good thing. People in Cebu are open to new ideas and really like Western culture, so it's easier to make friends.

If only I could clone myself and reside in these five cities simultaneously. As I gear up for my next journey im gonna explore new horizons. Who knows what new revelations await? Stay tuned!

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