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Why she rejected you.


Getting rejected by a woman is an experience every man can relate to. It's important to become comfortable with rejection if we want to succeed with women. In this post, I'll discuss the most likely reasons why she said no and why you shouldn't take it personally.

Before diving into the reasons, it's crucial to understand why women reject men and why men continue to put themselves out there. The fundamental reason is that sperm is cheaper and more readily available than eggs. Women have a limited number of eggs and must be selective in choosing a partner. They instinctively guard their eggs and seek out the most deserving men. This is why women hold the key to sex.

As you read through these reasons, consider whether they are within your control or not.

  1. She's not physically attracted to you.

Lack of physical attraction is a common reason. While you have some control over this by being in shape, dressing well, and having good body language, there will always be women who aren't attracted to you despite your efforts. It's important to move on and find someone who is attracted to you.

2. She has a boyfriend

This is the most common reason for rejection. Many women, especially in their prime, are already in relationships. Overcoming this obstacle requires being better than her current partner and giving her a reason to consider you. With such women, it can be effective to start as friends and maintain some distance. Eventually, the opportunity may arise when she's available.

3. She isn't comfortable enough with you.

Cold approaches, where the girl doesn't know you through a mutual connection, can make women wary for their safety. Building comfort can be achieved by introducing her to friends or showing a warm and healthy demeanor through body language and conversation.

4. She's getting over an ex.

After a breakup, women may still be emotionally attached to their exes and not open to new relationships. This is something beyond your control, so don't take it personally.

5. She doesn't like your personality.

Personality matters to women. Being physically attractive might get your foot in the door, but an attractive personality is necessary for long-term success. Show her that you're fun to be around and display alpha qualities.

6. She's in a bad mood.

A girl in a bad mood can be difficult to engage with and may reject advances. Sometimes, she may even try to make you feel bad. It's best to recognize her mood and approach at a more suitable time.

7. She has a crush.

If she's infatuated with someone else, it can be challenging to capture her interest. While it's possible to attract her with game, looks, or body language, it's not an easy task.

8. She wants to show off to her friends.

In social settings, some women reject advances to boost their ego and demonstrate their desirability. Approaching groups in clubs or bars can lead to such rejections.

9. She's not in the mood.

Just like men, women have varying levels of sexual desire. Factors like periods, birth controll and overall well-being can influence their level of horniness. It's unlikely to be within your control at the initial stages.

10. She's in love.

When a woman is deeply in love, her emotions elevate her partner to a larger-than-life status. It's difficult to compete with such a strong emotional connection. Waiting or taking an indirect approach might be the best course of action. What can you learn from this?

Now that you're aware of the most likely reasons for rejection, understand that approaching is necessary and rejection shouldn't be taken personally. If you have a fault that can't be fixed, the solution is simple—approach more women. The more you approach, the more you increase your chances of finding someone who accepts you. So, no excuses! Get out there and embrace rejection like a pro.


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