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How to travel Thailand


Get ready to explore Thailand! It's a fantastic place with lots to see. In this guide, we'll share some useful info to help plan your trip. Later on, we'll talk about something cool about Thai culture. But for now, let's dive into Thailand, breaking it into four regions: North, North-East, Central, and South.

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Exploring Thailand

Thailand is great for traveling. You can take buses or cheap flights to explore different parts of the country. Don't just stick to the usual tourist spots; there's so much more to discover.

Bangkok: The Exciting Heart of Central Thailand

In the middle of Central Thailand is Bangkok, officially one of the craziest cities in the world. It's a place where a walk turn into a 2 day bender if you're up for it. Sure, it can be busy, a bit dirty, and sometimes confusing. Some people find it too much and leave with their first impressions. But underneath all that, Bangkok has a lot to offer . A week is not enough to explore this city with over 10 million people.

Date some local Thai girls; they can show you all the hidden places.

Where to Stay in Bangkok

To have a fantastic time in Bangkok, we suggest staying in the Sukhumvit area. Find a hotel close to one of the BTS stops, like Asok, Thong Lor, or Ekkamai. That way, you're near all the fun, including the famous nightlife on Sukhumvit soi 4-12. Shopping malls like Terminal 21 are perfect for setting up dates.

I stayed near Terminal 21, and it was a great spot. My routine was simple: meet up for ice cream in the mall, then go back to my place to share travel stories.

Exploring Beyond Thai Girls in Bangkok

If you want to explore the culture in Bangkok, check out these places:

- Wat Pho: It's famous for the Buddha. Don't miss taking a tourist photo here.

- Wat Arun: Take a ferry ride to this temple, especially at night when the view is incredible.

- The Royal Palace: You can snap pictures from a tuk-tuk as you pass by, or pay the entrance fee for a decent tourist pic.

Venturing Beyond Bangkok

Near Bangkok, you can visit other interesting places:

- Pattaya: Some call it a wild place. It's a quick 2-hour bus ride away, but don't stay too long.

- Hua Hin: It's a peaceful beach town, also just 2 hours by bus. It has a laid-back vibe.

- Ayutthaya:This is the old capital of Thailand. You can visit on a day trip. Rent a motorbike, see the historical stuff, and be back in Bangkok at night. Don't forget to bring girl!

Chiang Mai: A Relaxing Spot in the North

Heading up north, you'll find Chiang Mai. It's a bit different from Bangkok. It's smaller, quieter, and cheaper. It's popular with hippies and digital nomads. The nightlife is not as crazy, but it's a nice break from the busy city.

You can rent a motorbike, explore beautiful landscapes, and even try Muay Thai classes.

Cultural Experiences in Chiang Mai

To dive into the culture in Chiang Mai, check out these spots:

-Tiger Temple: It's like a zoo where you can be in a cage with tigers for a unique experience.

- Long Neck Tribe: Take a day trip to meet elephants and the long-necked tribe.

- Muay Thai Classes: Take a break from partying and get in shape with Muay Thai classes.

More Places in the North

Outside Chiang Mai, there are more cool spots to explore:

Pai: It's not a big attraction for girls, but the landscapes are amazing.

Chiang Rai: It's near the Myanmar border and has a unique White Temple. I haven't been there yet, but it's on my list for next time.

Southern Thailand: The Island Paradise

Down south, you've got Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi, and more. These islands have incredible beaches. But when you're not taking pictures, you'll see lots of backpackers with dreadlocks and Chang Beer shirts.

It's fun to visit for a few days, but don't come here for girls or the overhyped "full moon parties." Instead, bring your favorite thai girl from Bangkok and enjoy a relaxing week.

Phuket: The Cool Island

Phuket is different; it's a big island with fun nightlife, Muay Thai schools, and camps. It has something for everyone.

So, that's Thailand in all its exciting and colorful glory. Enjoy your travels and make the most of what this country has to offer!

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