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The only daygame guide you need

Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Daygame with Ease. Any man, regardless of experience level, can seamlessly incorporate these techniques into their approach.

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Guidelines (though seemingly simple, these form the foundation of your mindset):

1. Stay Calm - Channel your inner master conversationalist. Even if you're not there yet, pretend. Maintaining composure helps you learn and reflect. Always observe yourself from a third-person perspective during daygame to identify and rectify mistakes.

2. Have Fun - Care less. You might not encounter that woman again if things don't go as planned (which, by the way, they sometimes won't). Embrace the experience with boldness, bravery, and brilliance. Trying out new approaches is a win in itself. Relax, champ.

The primary aim of daygame is not merely picking up a woman but sweeping her off her feet. "No woman wakes up in the morning wishing not to be swept off her feet." - So, how do you achieve that? Let me guide you through the three crucial phases of daygame:

1. Initiation/Introduction "Opening"

2. Rapport building

3. Closing

These phases can span from 2 to 30 minutes or even lead to an Instadate! Seize that opportunity if it arises; women make excellent teachers.


Phase 1 - Initiation:

Step 1 - SMILE & GREET:

The crucial first move. Make eye contact, smile genuinely, and approach with warmth. A simple "Hi" suffices. Avoid approaching running women – not a good idea.

PAUSE: Hold your gaze and smile after the greeting for a few seconds before moving on.


Express your intention carefully. Use phrases like "I know this is a little bit unusual..." to set her up for a pleasant surprise. A brief pause after your pre-frame is crucial for building tension.


State your genuine interest in her. Compliment something specific about her, creating a memorable moment. Another pause here adds to the attraction.

PAUSE: Final pause in the initiation phase. Boldly express your attraction, combining compliments with confidence.

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Phase 2 - Rapport Building:

Step 1: "I'm [Insert name here], btw." Introduce yourself and engage in a handshake. Slowly release her hand to build tension.

Step 2: Explore background basics, finding common interests. Keep it conversational and light. Tease her occasionally, and let her share about herself.

Step 3: Extract emotions, motivations, and character traits. Make her invest in you, creating a sense of familiarity.

Games, role play, or any personal interests can enhance rapport building. Conclude on a high note, suggesting a date based on her interests.

Phase 3 - Close:

Propose the date confidently. When she agrees, smoothly transition to exchanging numbers without making it a question. Continue the conversation, and if possible, nickname her based on her attributes with a positive compliment.

Leave on a positive note: "It was great meeting you, I'll see you later, Adventure girl!"

Here is another daygame cold approach example that you can use:

  1. Go up and say, “Excuse me, I need a woman’s advice about something.” They’ll likely agree, then you inquire, “Let’s say I spot a really charming girl, do I go up and talk to her, or is that too direct?” Most of the time, they'll encourage you to approach the mentioned girl (keep in mind most girls WANT to be approached). Then, introduce yourself and kick off the conversation from there!

Why you should Daygame

Daygame means cold approaching girls during the day. This opens up a whole new way to meet women in your day-to-day life, and here's why you should do it:

  1. Meeting Different People: Day game throws you into encounters with all kinds of women. You get to connect with people from different walks of life, bringing in a mix of personalities and backgrounds.

  2. Real Connections: One cool thing about day game is you get to chat with people who aren't all wrapped up in tech or drowning in booze. It's a chance for more genuine connections.

  3. Innocence and Future Potential: In day game, you often run into women who aren't into casual flings. It's a way to connect with folks who might be looking for something more meaningful and long-lasting, unlike the online or nighttime scenes.

  4. No Filters, Just Realness: Approaching someone during the day means you're seeing them as they are, no fancy filters or low-light tricks. It's a chance for a genuine, unfiltered look at someone.

  5. Guards Down, More Opportunities: Unlike the online world or late-night scenes where everyone's on high alert, day game happens in a different setting. Guards are usually lower, making it easier to build open and real connections.

So, in a nutshell, day game is all about mixing it up and creating real connections with people from all walks of life. It's a genuine and unfiltered way to meet someone, with fewer barriers in the way.

Body language

 Body language plays a pivotal role in quick decision-making. Within the first two minutes, a woman assesses your romantic potential, with body language taking the lead.

1. Strut with Confidence: Stand tall, shoulders back, chin up – projecting confidence is key. Love (or a captivating conversation) favors the bold.

2. Eye Contact Game: Master the 100% eye smile. Squint those eyes to convey, "I'm the man, pay attention." Make sure to also use correct facial expressions.

3. Subtle Touch: In the dance of body language, a well-timed light touch on the wrist grabs attention – elegant, intentional, and captivating.

4. Mystery and Humor: Keep it mysterious. Let imagination fill in the blanks about whether you're meeting a guy or a girl. Humor becomes the glue that binds conversations.

5. The Finale: Wrap up with a casual invitation: "Hey, I just moved here. Want to meet up sometime?" Maintain a tone of casual confidence, leaving room for potential connections.

THERE YOU HAVE IT - A SUCCESSFUL DAYGAME PICK-UP GUIDE! Experiment, learn, and fine-tune. You might stumble initially, but with persistence, your success rates will soar. Make it a goal to try this out on 100 women this week with the 100 sets challenge. I know I will!

Getting Numbers versus Giving Numbers

Traditionally, getting someone's phone number feels like a social win, especially when your pals are watching. But does it really lead to meaningful connections? Often, those who struggle to get a number find themselves facing repeated rejections and letdowns.

The root problem? Lack of genuine attraction. Spending time chasing someone who wasn't interested in the first place is a recipe for disappointment. Trying to spark attraction through text or calls is tricky and often falls flat.

Here's a solution: switch from collecting numbers to giving yours, preferably on paper. This is way easier then going out and trying to get long conversations just to get a "no". Say "hello" and just hand over your number and let the other person take the lead. If they're interested, they'll reach out; if not, no need to waste time on futile texts and date planning.

Giving your number on paper also softens the blow of immediate rejection, giving the other person time to decide if they want to make contact later. It's a savvy move that sidesteps the pitfalls of trying to win someone over through text messages.

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