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15 + things to know when dating a brazilian woman

dating brazil

11 things to know when dating in Brazil

  1. Brazilian girls are passionate, feminine, and love enjoying life. They're more friendly and might get close sooner than American girls.

  2. Brazilian girls aren't easily won over; they grow up with certain do's and don'ts. Being respectful and patient matters a lot because they're careful about how they act.

  3. Kissing is pretty common in Brazil, and it's cool to kiss someone you just met. But remember, it doesn't mean they're being whores.

  4. Brazilian girls are passionate, feminine, and love enjoying life. They're more friendly and might get close sooner than American girls.

  5. To meet Brazilian girls, go to places that aren't too popular. Look for more genuine spots.

  6. Being good at socializing is a big deal in Brazil. Many girls speak English, so if you're good at chatting, you'll stand out from others who just rely on booze.

  7. Approaching people is still the best way to go. Just like anywhere else, if a girl approaches you directly, she might not be the one you're looking for.

  8. Don't rush into dating the first girl you have a connection with. Keep your options open and keep exploring.

  9. Brazilian girls might be bold if they like you, like grabbing or kissing you out of the blue. Some find it fun, but for local guys, it can be a bit annoying.

  10. Building attraction takes time. You're basically creating a story about yourself that shows your personality and hints at things getting more passionate later on.

  11. The best time for a kiss is around the first or second hour, depending on the girl's culture. By then, she'll be invested enough, and a kiss can make things more exciting, giving you a good chance for more intimate moments later on.

Background on Brazil and Brazilian dating:

Brazil, often hailed as the coolest country on earth, boasts exotic beaches, stunning waterfalls, beautiful women, incredible food, and friendly people. While Brazil is generally safe, it's essential to exercise common sense to avoid potential risks related to poverty-related crime. Here are some guidelines to stay safe:

  • Avoid wandering alone into unfamiliar areas, especially when drunk.

  • Seek advice from locals on safe and unsafe areas.

  • Dress modestly and avoid flaunting valuables to minimize the risk of petty crimes.

Brazil, rio

Insights into Brazilian Girls:

Brazilian girls are a diverse mix, representing different races and body types. From black to white, with curly or straight hair, you'll find a wide range of looks. They are known for their curvy bodies, radiant smiles, and a general sense of happiness. In terms of personality, Brazilian girls tend to embrace traditional gender roles, with women valuing their femininity and being attracted to masculine men.

Strategies for Meeting More Brazilian Girls:

  1. Day Game:

  • Brazilian girls are approachable and friendly, making day game a viable option.

  • Popular locations for day game include Ipanema/Copacabana Beach, parks like Parque Ibirapuera in São Paulo, and events like Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.

  1. Night Game:

  • Brazilian nightlife is vibrant, with various music genres like sertaneja, funk, and samba.

  • While one-night stands are possible, it's common for interactions to lead to making out and exchanging numbers for future dates.

  1. Online Game:

Tips for Better Dates in Brazil

Setting Up Dates:

  • Keep initial small talk light but show genuine interest.

  • Propose a casual drink rather than overcomplicating the date with dinner.

Expectation Management:

  • Brazilians are not punctual, so expect some lateness.

  • Dates should be scheduled last minute or a few days ahead to avoid potential flakes.

Escalating Kino:

  • Start physical contact early; Brazilians are comfortable with touching.

  • Escalate kino by sitting next to her and gradually increasing physical interaction.

Kissing and Sex:

  • Brazilian girls are open about sex, and kissing in public is common.

  • A goodnight kiss on the first date is a requirement; don't be shy.

Taking the Lead:

  • Be assertive and take the lead in escalating physical intimacy.

  • Have a reason to bring her back to your place, like showing travel pictures.

What to Wear:

  • Dressing up is appreciated in Brazilian culture, whether it's a romantic date or a gathering with friends.

  • Avoid looking too casual to ensure you fit in with the local style.

Topics of Conversation:

  • Be polite and avoid diving too deep into topics like work, income, or politics initially.

  • Steer clear of questions that might be considered too personal or intrusive.

Taking Her Home:

  • It's compulsory for a Brazilian man to ensure the woman gets home safely after a date.

  • Even if she initially declines, offering to accompany her home is expected and appreciated.

Additional things to know when dating a brazilian woman:

  • Cultural Awareness: Avoid being the clueless gringo; show interest in Brazilian culture, food, and music.

  • Learn Portuguese: Speaking Portuguese can significantly enhance your interactions, and there are user-friendly apps to help you get started.

By following these strategies and tips, you can increase your success when dating a brazilian woman and enjoy a more fulfilling dating experience in this vibrant and diverse country. Want to date in mexico?

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May 17

Yes, if a woman kisses someone they've just met they're whores. I am brazilian myself and everyone knows that. Valued woman won't kiss random guys. Don't fall for that.

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