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Science for optimizing Men's Online Dating Profiles: Based on 20+ studies

Where this knowledge comes from

I looked at countless studies regarding mate preference and online dating summarized the. I took the most important aspects of each study and compiled it here. Some of the sources can be found at the bottom of this post. I also looked at multiple articles, forums and online dating experiments to figure out what the optimal man looks and acts like. Every sentence in this article has been proven by science!

Attraction by gender study graph
Study asked: "To what extent do you find a person’s [SPECIFIC TRAIT] influences how sexually attractive you find them"

How to choose the right pictures?

Having the right pictures on your profile is by far the most significant factor in online dating, especially for short-term interest. Having a trustworthy profile is essential. The number one reason women will not date you is due to them not trusting you.

How can i seem more trustworthy?

  • Have at least one picture where you are smiling

  • Have a group or friend photo with other female friends involved

  • Have a picture with a dog (preferably small according to science)

  • Have at least one full body photo

  • Don't wear hats or sunglasses

Strategic Photo Selection:

Smiling men tinder
You should still have atleast one picture smiling

- Experiments have shown that taking selfies makes you seem less attractive and less likeable. Selfies decrease the number of messages you receive by up to 8%.

- Profiles with pictures taken outdoors get up to 20% more matches.

- A study done by OKcupid suggests that you should avoid flirty faces, smiling and eye contact. There has been some criticism for this data but i believe there is some truth to it.

- Pictures with a dominant tone, positioning the individual in the center, enhance perceived attractiveness.

- Displaying bravery or extreme sports and maintaining a diverse array of images contributes to a well-rounded online presence.

Muscles Matter:

Studies have shown that for short term, women find guys with big muscles more attractive

According to science the muscles most important for attractiveness are:




Upper chests



You can read more in our other 2 guides on looksmaxxing:

Fix your bio!

I used to think that no one reads or cares about the bio on your tinder profile. I was wrong, after years of experience and experimenting i have concluded that i does matter. According to Tinder, profiles with bios attract more matches.

  • A study revealed that profiles without any sport listed received only 57 matches, while the average sport profile got 94.2 matches, regardless of the specific sport.

  • This underscores the importance of showcasing interests, including sports, for increased visibility and matches in online dating.

What to not include in bio:

Using words like "maybe," "dunno," "sort of," and "kind of" led to receiving 2–9% fewer messages from women compared to those who avoided these expressions. Expressing uncertainty with a "not sure" resulted in a more significant decrease of up to 16% in incoming messages.

For those who incorporate "video games" in their dating profile, there was a notable decline of 58% in messages received. Similarly, identifying as a "gamer" led to a 52% reduction in messages.

Men who mentioned being "busy" experienced a decrease of 13% in the number of messages they received.

  • Agreeable, trustworthy and emotionally stable profiles are more likely to receive positive attention.

  • Tailoring profiles to convey these traits enhances overall appeal.


By integrating these specific data points, men can strategically optimize their online dating profiles. Understanding these dynamics is essential for a nuanced approach that maximizes success in the landscape of online dating.


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