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Top 10 best cities in europe for single guys

best places in europe for single guys info map

From years of global travel experience, thorough research, and insights shared by other passport bros. I have come up with the map of the best places in europe for single guys. These are not popular destinations for normal tourists. Let's delve into the top picks:

1. Poland - Łódź

Poland emerges as a European gem where model looking women are easy and the cost of living is low.

The competition in Poland is very low as most of the local guys are poor and not that good looking.

Polish women are a balance between sweetness, tradition, and a newly embraced liberated spirit influenced by Western ideals.

2. Romania - Cluj-Napoca

This is the only country in Europe where i am regularly approached by women. Romanian women are very confident and they drop very obvious hints. The cost of living is Low and they have good weather, nightlife and lots of stuff to do.

3. Bulgaria - Sofia

In Bulgaria I would suggest one of the coastal cities like Varna or Burgas as the capital is very boring. You will be valued a lot for being a westener. In bulgaria there is literally Zero competition and the culture encourages women to take care of themselves and look good.

4. Slovakia - Kosice

Slovakia is suggested for those who want to Hike, Focus and take it easy. I would suggest the second largest city Kosice. This is a hidden gem although there is not much to do other than women.

5. Estonia

Moving towards the Baltic, Estonia stands out as a haven for single guys. The women here, influenced by a blend of tradition and western values. The capital has decent nightlife and good looking women. Here i would suggest Tallin or Tartu.

6. Kroatia - Zagreb

The capital of Kroatia, Zagreb has one of the best Ratios of good looking women in all of europe, second only to Serbia. I would suggest going here in the off season. It's also a beautiful country for hiking .

7. Hungary - Budapest

Hungary makes it on the list due to how much there is to do in budapest. The nightlife is great and the women are relatively good. The cost of living and price of rent is low. I would suggest going here during tourist season for the best parties.

8. Serbia

In the heart of the Balkans, Serbia has by far the best ratio of hot women in all of europe. It is also not a very popular destination so your value will be high as a foreigner. I can only suggest the capital Belgrade.

9. Slovenia

Slovenian men

If you ask any balkan they will tell you that Slovenian men are very feminine. In this country there is no

competition and the women are very slutty.

This is one of the best countries on this list for online dating.

I would only suggest the capital Ljubljana as the country is very small.

10. Russia - Saint Petersburg.

Since the start of the war all the tourists have left. This is your chance to take advantage of that with everything being cheaper and there being less competition. The only hard part is getting a visa to get in.

While Russians may not be the quickest to embrace intimacy, the allure of Russian women, with their magazine-cover-worthy looks, presents a compelling case for single guys seeking a top tier women. Here i would suggest Saint Petersburg as it is the most safe and friendly for westerners.

In conclusion, the ease of connections varies not just between countries but also within cities. Steering away from overly touristy destinations often leads to more authentic and rewarding experiences. These insights has been updated in 2024, capturing evolving internationalpill landscape. As opinions shift, so too will this guide. Do you agree with this list? let me know in the comment field.

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