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Partying in south Korea (story and tips)

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I always thought Japan would be that special place, and indeed it was. However, South Korea surprised me in ways I never imagined. After spending a month and a half immersed in Japan's culture, I made the mistake of only planning a week in Seoul. The tales of Korean girls being the hottest in Asia lingered in my mind, as did warnings of their difficulty. But, as they say, you can't truly understand until you experience it firsthand... this is the tale of realizing the mistake I had made.

The images I'm sharing today are snapshots from my journey. The main photo, to me, embodies East Asia perfectly: a fusion of advancing technology amidst a backdrop of deep-rooted culture and history.

Korean Barbecue

A friend and I dove into Korean barbecue and sipped on Soju on our first day in Seoul, South Korea.

Arriving at our cozy two-bedroom AirBnB apartment on a lively Saturday night, we wasted no time immersing ourselves in the culinary adventure that is Korean barbecue. Surprisingly, I found joy in grilling my own food. We accompanied our meal with a couple of bottles of Korean Soju, kicking off the night's festivities.

Venturing out to Hongdae, a vibrant district, was our plan for the night. As we strolled from one bar to another, the evening had a bittersweet tinge. Korean girls, undeniably hotter than their Japanese counterparts, surrounded us. Yet, the prevalence of foreigners was a bit off-putting. In Japan, I often felt like an outsider, but here, I was just another foreign face in the crowd.

Our escapades led us to a club bustling with foreigners. I attempted a few approaches, but the drinks had taken their toll. Amid the blur of the night, there were memorable moments. I recall a towering Asian man, around 6'5" with a pimp cane, trying to persuade a friend to join him in a romantic endeavor, an offer that was promptly declined. Later, as the night waned, we decided to call it a night. With only a couple of phone numbers in hand, I wasn't ready to throw in the towel.

Walking through the lively streets of Hongdae, a petite Korean girl caught my eye. Without hesitation, I approached.

With just two girls, my friend graciously bid us farewell for the evening, leaving me with my petite Korean companion.

This girl was a vision of adorableness, with quintessential Korean features and a petite frame standing at about 5'1". As we engaged in conversation, I managed to convince both girls to join us back at our apartment for some drinks.

Day 2: The Quest for the Korean Flag

My initial foray into the world of South Korean women had been unsuccessful. However, messages from a few girls I met the night before sparked hope for my quest to collect the "Korean flag." The next day, plagued by a hangover, my primal urges were heightened to an almost unbearable level. There's something about hangover days that make me insatiably horny, and this day was no exception. After a night of dancing and admiring the breathtaking women of Asia, my desire burned fiercer than ever.

But there was no time for leisurely rest. You see, as a kid, I was a die-hard StarCraft fan. The opportunity to attend a major tournament in Korea was a childhood dream come true. A friend, being the trooper he is, joined me on this pilgrimage to witness professional gaming at its finest. In between matches, I juggled Tinder, lining up dates for the week and maintaining a conversation with the adorable petite Korean girl from the previous night. She had agreed to come over later that evening, around 10 PM, and I prayed fervently that she wouldn't bail.

At the stroke of 10, she awaited me outside a nearby restaurant. Seizing the moment, I concocted a feeble excuse to lure her back to my place: "It's chilly outside, come warm up with me."

Upon entering the apartment, she exchanged greetings before we retreated to my room. It didn't take long for us to shed our inhibitions along with our clothes. Her physique was a work of art, boasting a lean, toned body with flawless, milky-white skin. As we engaged in our intimate rendezvous, I realized that on my second day in Seoul, South Korea, I had attained my coveted "Korean flag." It was nothing short of magical, an experience that ranked in my top three conquests.

Dating Korean Girls from Tinder During the Week

Having laid the groundwork during my time in Japan, I had a date lined up for the following day. We met at a quaint restaurant, opting for Japanese cuisine. This girl was taller, with a decent face, but what really caught my attention were her ample assets. I couldn't help but notice that Korean girls, on average, seemed to possess less body fat, a trait I certainly appreciated.

The evening progressed, and I extended an invitation to watch a movie at my place. This girl proved to be a bit more of a challenge, despite our week-long exchange on Tinder. Yet, as I peeled away her layers, revealing her flawless, alabaster skin and a set of perfect C-cup breasts, I knew the night was far from over. In just three nights in South Korea, I had already experienced more fulfilling encounters than most of my escapades in Japan.

That Thigh Gap Though

The subsequent day brought with it a highly anticipated date. We had connected on Tinder during my hangover-induced stupor. She was slender, with legs that seemed to stretch for miles, boasting an enviable hourglass figure.

Meeting her at a lively bar in Hongdae, I flaunted my foosball prowess, garnering attention from a small crowd. The night unfolded, and after a couple of beers, she was all over me. It was time to make our exit.

In the privacy of my room, I undressed her, revealing perhaps the sexiest thigh gap I had ever laid eyes upon. This girl, like the others, possessed a jaw-dropping physique with nary an ounce of excess fat. My third consecutive night of passionate encounters solidified my love affair with this country.

Are Korean Women Really That Difficult?

The notion of Korean women being notoriously hard to pursue had circulated in my social circles. Yet, here I was, four days into my South Korean escapade, having shared intimate moments with three stunning women. These were no ordinary encounters, mind you. So, are Korean girls truly as challenging as they say? Well, I can't say definitively. I was particularly eager to meet Korean women, putting in considerable effort during these four days. Perhaps my success could be attributed to that.

Are South Korean Women the Hottest?

Without a doubt, Korean women are scorching hot. In fact, I dare say I've never encountered a higher concentration of irresistible women in any other country. South Korean girls take their bodies and looks seriously, and it shows.


My flight to the Philippines was just around the corner, and I couldn't shake the feeling that I had shortchanged myself with only a week in South Korea. Apart from the pro gaming tournament, my exploration of the country had been rather limited. My friend, let's call him Mike, was feeling the same itch for more adventure. It was decided - we needed to do some proper tourism. Even if I didn't manage to add another conquest to my list in Korea, I had already had such an amazing time that I wouldn't have been too bothered.

So, for the remainder of the week, Mike and I delved into exploring and trying out local experiences. Like... eating live octopuses. Yes, we actually did that. The most surprising part wasn't the suction cups clinging to our cheeks as we ate, but rather how surprisingly tasty it was.

south korea

I managed to reconnect with two of the girls from earlier in the week, the adorable petite one and the girl with perfect curves. Mike and I mixed in some sightseeing alongside our adventures, but now, it was the final night in South Korea. A Friday night, and we were gearing up to hit the town. Tonight, our friend John was taking us to the renowned club Octagon.

Hunting Korean Women in Octagon

Octagon was an incredible club, albeit a pricey one (around $30 to get in), but that was inconsequential on my last night in Korea. I was determined to soak in the atmosphere and scope out the hottest girls the country had to offer. Mike , John, and I indulged in drink after drink. The night wore on, and the club was teeming with stunning women. I made a few attempts to approach, but nothing seemed to stick. Then, I spotted a cute girl in a sleek black dress dancing with her friend.

I decided to make my move, even though the alcohol was definitely in my system. I summoned up my best game and approached her. As we danced, I could feel the connection between us growing. The only problem? Her friend was lingering around, growing increasingly annoyed by our chemistry. Though her friend wasn't exactly my type, I needed someone to wing for me.

"I'll be right back," I told her, then set off to find Mike or John. Eventually, I located Mike. He wasn't too keen on the friend, but being the good wingman he is, he stuck around. Although I have to admit, his wingman skills were a bit rusty that night. The friend didn't seem interested in Mike ... damn. It was my last night, and I was determined to make something happen.

"I have to stay with my friend," she explained as I tried to persuade her to leave with me. After a few

attempts, I managed to convince her to drop her friend off at her place and then come see me. It was a bit of a gamble, but what choice did I have? We regrouped with John and eventually made our way home.

Back at the apartment, I checked my messages and found a text from the girl. "My friend found a guy, so now I'm heading home. Want to come over?" Without hesitation, I accepted. It didn't take long before I found myself entangled with another stunning Korean beauty. My admiration for South Korean women was growing by the day.

As a funny aside, the uninterested friend who wasn't into Mike (which was mind-boggling) ended up going home with a famous UFC fighter that night. Little did I know at the time, the competition in that club was fierce, with plenty of wealthy and famous locals vying for attention.

Summary of My trip

There's no denying it - South Korean women are absolutely stunning, hands down the hottest in Asia. Their bodies are simply unmatched. South Korea isn't a cakewalk when it comes to dating, but it's not overly difficult either. If anything, I'd say Korean women are underrated.

Overall, it was an incredible trip. Four girls in less than seven days, and many more numbers from Tinder and nights out were interested in meeting up if I had more time. John turned out to be a great guy, and I'd highly recommend meeting him if you get the chance (he's now the top poster on our forum). Mike also had his fair share of successes. All in all, South Korea was an absolute blast. My only regret? Only spending a week. Still, I couldn't really complain - I was about to head to one of the easiest places on the planet to get laid... the Philippines.

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